Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Lowe for the Mets

So it is being reported that the Braves have signed Lowe to a 4 year deal worth $60 million dollars. This comes just as I was warming up to the idea of having Lowe on the team. At first I was hesitant to sign a guy who is in his late 30's to a 3 and possibly 4 year deal. It doesn't matter now though because he is going to the Braves who I feel have overpayed for him. The Mets now NEED to sign either Oliver Perez, who they offered a 3 year deal worth around $30 million, or Ben Sheets, the ultimate high risk/high reward guy. I would be thrilled with Sheets because if he stays healthy the Mets would have 2 bonafied aces. I would also be happy with Oliver Perez because I feel he is bing underestimated. He can pitch like an ace when he's on top of his game and if he learns how to cut down on walks he will be a great number 2 pitcher. If the Mets do not sign either of these guys or a strong bat for LF I will consider this offseason a failure because they addressed the bullpen issue but did nothing about the rotation nor the lineup.