Friday, June 5, 2009

Bad News for Mets

Mets have recently learned that Reyes has a tear in his hamstring and will not return until about the All-Star Break. J.J. Putz will also have surgery to remove the bone spurs in his elbow and should return in about 3 months. The good news for the Mets is that Alex Cora is back so we don't have to deal with Malo or any other no hit SS to continue to fill in 100% of the time. In other good news is that Ryan Church should back Sunday. What Manuel is planning to do is split time at SS between Cora and Valdez with Cora getting the majority of starts. As for the outfield situation Manuel plans to have Beltran start in CF, continue start Fernando Martinez (who has hit around .333 since his 0 for 9 start) in left or right, and having Sheffield and Church split time in order to keep Shef fresh. I hope and still think that Church can be a productive starting right rielder while Sheff can continue to be a productive bat (although he needs to stay healthy).

To replace Putz on the roster the Mets have called up former top prospect Fernando Nieve. Nieve has always had good stuff but had failed to put it all together. He has done a pretty good job in the minors posting FIP's of 2.98 and 3.61 at AA and AAA with K/9's of 9.33 and 8.51. Hopefully this is Nieve putting together all the talent he has and making the most out of his chance with the Major League club.

As for the Mets line up Omar should make a play for a bat such as Nick Johnson or Jermaine Dye. If I were Omar I would try to make a trade for Nick Johnson and Joel Hanrahan (who has pitched much better than his stats would show). He has a 11.1 K/9 and a 3.90 FIP. He walks a little much but he also has a completely unsustainable .458 BABIP. Johnson would be a great pickup because of his great OBP and ususally good defense at 1b (although this year so far he has not been so good). He has however had a bit of luck on his side with a .383 BABIP which boosts his BA. Getting Johnson would also mean that Carlos Delgado would not have to be rushed back. The only setback would be that he can only play 1b and that would mean moving Murph back to the outfield while sending F Mart back to the minors (or possibly sending Murph to the minors). Hanrahan would be a good addition to the bullpen. Josh Willingham would also be a nice addition in place of Nick Johnson. If we could get these guys relatively cheap I would jump on the opportunity. We do not need to clear out the farm system for guys like Carlos Lee or Matt Holliday. Keep FMart, Holt, Mejia, Thole, Flores, Marte, etc.

If Omar however does not make a trade, the Mets should hope and pray that they can stay afloat in time for Perez, Putz, Wagner, Reyes, and Delgado to come back. Please be smart Omar and make a move for a solid but not spectacular bat like Johnson or Willingham.


Giovanni said...

Aside from being more of a power threat, Willingham wouldn't be much of an improvement over Murphy, Martinez, or Church, and the White Sox would undoubtedly want too much for Dye. Johnson, meanwhile, is a steady bat in the last year of a contract.
Still, I feel that even though it would be great to add Johnson, a serviceable shortstop is a higher priority given the lack of depth the Mets have in that position. Also provided that "serviceable" translates to a Ramon Vazquez, John McDonald, or even our old friend Jeff Keppinger, rather than a Tejada or Furcal, it would be more feasible.

As for your hate list, your opinion is wrong. Here is the correct answer:

C- Yadier Molina
1B - Jason Giambi
2B - Jose Vizcaino
3B - Chipper Jones
SS - Jimmy Rollins
OF - Johnny Damon
OF - Pat Burrell
OF - Jimmy Qualls

BN - Alex Rodriguez
BN - Ryan Howard
BN - Eddie Perez
BN - Barry Bonds
BN - David Eckstein
BN - Bobby Bonilla

SP - Roger Clemens
SP - Kenny Rogers
SP - Jeff Suppan
SP - Cole Hamels
SP - Brett Myers

RP - John Rocker
RP - Armando Benitez
RP - Braden Looper
RP - Anthony Young
RP - Adam Wainwright
RP - Mike Gonzalez

A dishonorable mention also goes to anyone who wears a double ear flap helmet (Shane Victorino, Willie Harris, Orlando Hudson). I don't care if you are a switch hitter, you make millions of dollars a year. Buy two helmets.

What do you have against Pujols?The man is the epitome of natural power, which is refreshing in this era of baseball, and he is a standup guy who has tremendous work with St. Louis charities. He didn't win a Roberto Clemente award for being hateable.

As for all time team, again, your opinion is wrong. Better, but still wrong:

C - Mike Piazza
1B - John Olerud
2B - Edgardo Alfonzo
3B - Robin Ventura
SS - Jose Reyes
OF - Tommie Agee
OF - Mookie Wilson
OF - Jay Payton

BN - Gary Carter
BN - Gil Hodges
BN - Benny Agbayani
BN - Endy Chavez
BN - David Wright

SP - Tom Seaver
SP - Jerry Koosman
SP - Al Leiter
SP - Rick Reed
SP - Ron Darling

RP - Turk Wendell
RP - John Franco
RP - Tug McGraw
RP - Jesse Orosco
RP - Roger McDowell
RP - Pat Mahomes
RP - Dennis Cook

End of longest comment ever.

Anonymous said...

this guy's right..opinions are totally objective