Tuesday, May 26, 2009

F-Mart Has Arrived

The Mets have placed Jose Reyes and Ryan Church on the 15-Day DL and thus called up top prospect, 20 year old Fernando Martinez. They also acquired 31 year old SS Wilson Valdez from the Indians for cash. I'm cautiously optimistic and excited about what F-Mart can do. Yes he is 20 years old but his age hasn't stopped him at any other level of the minors where he has continuously been among the youngest players in the league and still continued to perform. I wouldn't be surprised about anything the kid does. If he comes up and rakes I wouldn't be surprised. On the other hand if he comes up and does nothing, I also wouldn't be surprised. As for Valdez, he is obviously just a stopgap for the Reyes injury. He is more experienced and a better defended than Ramon Martinez.

Also, watching tonights game versus the Nationals makes me wish the Mets had done a little bit more during the offseason. Adam Dunn would have been a great pick up for the Mets. He just picked up his 1000th career hit , 29% of which have been hit for homeruns. He is only second on the list of people with 1000 hits in that percentage trailing only Mark McGwire who hit almost 36% of his hits for HRs. The Mets would have that power bat which they lack with Delgado on the DL. I also wish the Mets still had Pedro just so we could have 3 Martinez's on the roster. He also most likely would be pitching better than Livan who isn't pitching terribly but also not pitching great either.

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F. Dom said...

lmao "i wish they picked up pedro because there would be 3 martinez's on the roster"