Monday, May 25, 2009

Injuries, injuries and more injuries

So the Mets have just come off of a 5-5 road trip which is actually good considering the events surrounding the games. First the Mets started off by winning 3 of 4 from the Giants. They then lost 3 straight to the Dodgers who hold the best record in baseball (and a spectacular home record). Then we won 2 of 3 from the Red Sox who also have a great home record. Now what is amazing (especially the Sox games) is that the Mets did this without their clean up hitter Delgado, their starting catcher Schnider (although Santos has been great), their number 4 starter Perez, and their lead off man Reyes. Also they lost superb backup Alex Cora to a torn ligament in his thumb.They lost Ryan Church to a hip and hamstring issue (which had been bothering him since spring training). Putz was dealing with shoulder soreness in the beginning of the trip. Beltran's knee started acting up and wasn't able to play the field against the Sox. K-Rod had back spasms that forced him to break down and go to a hospital immediately although he appears fine now. It is amazing that the Mets won the series against the Sox. They won against Dice-K and then Big Pelf stepped up against Beckett and both pitched great games but Omir came out the victor against Papelbon and some great defense from Wright, Martinez (who is also now hurt), and Castillo ended a great game.

Now the Mets have some issues to address heading forward. With Church likely to go on the DL (which he should) should the Mets call up top prospect Fernando Martinez (who is playing great so far in AAA despite being 20) and play him everyday? Or do the Mets call up Willy Mo Pena for some much needed power with Delgado and Church being out? Or should the Mets make a trade for someone such as Nick Johnson or Jermaine Dye? I love Johnson but think Dye would be a better fit because he may come cheaper and the Mets could keep Murphy at first rather than moving him back to LF. The pitching has been solid with Santana continuing to be Santana and Big Pelf being very solid (despite some yips that caused balks) especially when his secondary pitches were working like they were against the Sox. Maine seems to be coming around while Redding and Hernandez are pitching well enough. Perez was pitching in some simulated games and pitched pretty well and normal. He stuck out a lot and walked alot. Vintage Perez. Hopefully Sean Green can figure out whats wrong and come around. Hopefully Putz and K-Rod can get and stay healthy. Hopefully Parnell continues to be awesome (he hit a career high 100mph on the radar gun Saturday against the Sox by the way). I remain cautiously optomistic because of what I saw against the Sox this weekend. The Mets never gave up and played some good baseball (despite some errors and poor pitching Sunday).

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